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WALLDESK_101 – the variable working place

The new WALLDESK_101 finds its use wherever functionality, creative ideals and above all mobility are sought after. Whether in the private domain or for commercial solutions, this furniture offers flexible arrangements, suitable for everyday use. The scratch-proof and impact resistant surfaces, combined with warm oak wood veneer, offer both atmosphere and flexible work and storage spaces at the same time. 

Everything is NEW: the straight-line element of design, the materials, the surfaces, the measurements and much more! We did not only adopt the established mobility from our successful product Walloffice. 

One of the interesting novelties: The furniture is delivered disassembled. This takes into account a psychological aspect that so far has received little attention: people like to do, shape and give away things by themselves. This aspect has been taken into account with this new furniture. 

Good design, good reasons

Despite the furniture being delivered disassembled, its assembly is easily done (even for those not well trained) by connecting parts, screws and pegs and fitting it against one’s well. The upper and lower boards are connected by only 4 turns. Fittings are pre-assembled. An Allen key (4) is included

The furniture simply needs to be placed against any type of wall (stone, wood, tapestry, marvel, brick, glass, etc.) where it is stabilized by special rubber cushions at its back and “socks” on its legs. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces: carpet, packet, stone floors, etc.



• High mobility and variability (for modern nomads)

• High heavy duty and impact resistant durability, scratch-resistant surfaces (HDF). It can be passed on for several generations. Even grease, severe dirt smudges etc. are easily removed with water or window cleaning products – without leaving any traces

• Loads of storage room for diverse usage: file folders, books, laptops, phones, glasses, bowls, keys, mobile phones, etc. Combined with the Wallbox it serves as an ideal office- or workstation on minimal space!

• Container for writing utensils or drinks and discrete outlet for cables (laptop, light)

• Pre-prepared for a light stripe (rotatable)

• All aspects attest to a high every day functional usage 

• Diverse and manifold areas of usage in private and commercial domains: life, living, work, presentations – whether in small rooms, hallways, nursery rooms, bathrooms, student apartments, offices, conference rooms, receptions, hotels, trade shows, events, etc. 

The timeless design and longevity due to its quality make this piece of furniture a multi-generational asset.